Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Like what i said before, i want to make my holiday seems so fun with do the recycle
Well, my dad had a lot of plain basic tees, black, white, grey , he a bunch of that
And yesterday i looked for some of them, and voila i got a white and a grey.

Boyfriend tees feel so boring when they just stand like that, so common, so usual, so i made the different for them ...

This DIY must be your favorite thing to do ! eazzy pizzy ...

Those are stuff you need for making stampped tees. Plain Basic tees, any colour, Acrylic Paint, whatever colour you want, scissors scissors scissors, sponge, and paint brush , also some pictures you want for your wannabe pattern tees

First step above all,  draw your picture on the sponge you have with pencil

So you will have your pattern plan on the sponge for your stamp

And then, cut your sponge with a sharp cutter, or scissors

and voila , first step is done ! you have your pattern stamp, i made my batman one haha

Second step, crop your basic tee, into whatever you want shape, i will make a sleeveless turtle neck tees
measure, and cut !

And Second step is also done, you have your own crop tee, if you don't want the crop one, it also can help!

And the last step (drums roll) paint your stamp with a paint brush, so you have your wanted-colour stamp

And put your stamp on your tees, everywhere you want

And voila ! you have your DIY Stampped Tees , how proud when you have your own awesome tees, it's easy, and cheap, it's RECYCLE !

 Well, i made my three stampped tees, one is love pattern , second is catwang pattern, and third is batman !

This is my first pattern of stampped tees, love summer, yeah i called it love summer, i think this one is the best choice for having fun along the beach !

I also wear my The Beatles "Abbey Road" bag, my brithday gift :)) i love the colour, love The Beatles more !

this tees seems so cute and i love it so much


And The Pants are made by Topshop, the shoes, yaps! that shoes also my DIY Idea , that's DIY Galaxy Canvas Shoes !

Second stampped tees pattern is catwang ! i do catwang! and catwang and catwang !
i indeed love cat .... wang

I made my dad's white basic tees become sooooo cool ! with this cat head pattern , in blue colour

This one is the best choice for hanging out with your friends, mall maybe or some outdoor activity
The picture below came so blurry , but i love that, sometimes i love wird things i made
my camera made i mean
The Last one is batman patterrrrrrrn (drums roll)

when i went to Australia for summer camp, i was high school  at that time , there were a lot of teenagers there wore this kind of sleeveless turtle neck tees, and i wanted one, so much
So i made my own crop turtle neck tee with batman pattern !

You can also wear jackets, denim or cardigan, or something like mine, this one is latex jacket , and i am about to sell this stuff, i only wore this for several times, twice or third times, so this one is in a really good condition
If you do intend to buy, you can pm me on twitter 
or email me at cancalita [dot] padmodiharjo [at] yahoo [dot] com

So, that's all for my second day of Productive holiday, just like yesterday, if you have done this DIY , please kindly upload your picture on twitter or instagram with hash tag #ProductiveHoliday

So, see you on my next productive holiday post ! love ya ! <3

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