Friday, July 19, 2013

PRODUCTIVE HOLIDAY #3 : DIY Hash Tag Brushed Tees

So This is my third Productive Holiday post, whoaaah some of my stuffs become so new haha
Well, July 25th gonna be my best day ever, because why ? because CHELSEA FC is coming  to town !
Woh i can't wait it for too long anymore

So i made this hash tag brushed tees, we all know that everything , every-single-thing is being hash tag-ed on instagram haha 
inspired by that case and also why i have so many brushing paints ? white, green, black, clear ? actually i just used them for several times, for some of my college task
Those are all really useless when we just let them fulfil our table, aren't ?

And stuffs you need for this hash tag brushed tees are ... of course basic plain tees ( whatever colour you want) , words you want to make with hash tag, scissors ( mine are for fabric and paper ), double-side tape, and brushing paint , i need the black one.

First, what you have to do with your tees is crop them or fringe them or just let it fall like what it supposed to be, in this case i made the fringed !

after make some fringes, you have to pull each fringe

and to make each fringe more  tidy , try to make some knots on each edge

and you are done ! with your tees...

Second is the main story i will tell you about haha , this what you have to do first, give double-side tape to every letter you have

and stick 'em all on your tees...

The last thing you have to do  is ...  brush your tees up !

and let it dry under the sun...

and your done with this fucking awesome brushed tees !

Well, when you think you can make something DIY ,just make it then.. 
see what's going on around you
stuffs you already have, so you don't need to buy stuffs you need

I am going to wear this tees to Jakarta , and still, i can't wait it for to long anymore, i want CHELSEA soooooon so sooooon as possible

this is not always fringe, you can make it whatever you want , just believe in which you think is the best one

I am indeed a proud Chelsea supporter !


So i think this is enough for my little mumbo jumbo, just like usual make your holiday seems so cool to share to , Productive Holiday
If you have made one like mine , you can upload on twitter or instagram with hash tag #ProductiveHoliday

So #thankyou #for #reading #my #blog #everyday #iam #gonna #miss #you
#have #a #great #holiday #and #happy #fasting #for #you #all #guys
#love #you


  1. Halo Kak Cancalita, domisili di solo ya?
    Boleh minta surel nya nggak? Aku pengen nanya-nanya beberapa hal nih, trimakasih sebelumnya :)

    1. iya di solo. bisa ke atau :)

    2. Oke Kak, sudah aku kirim ke yang gmail ya, makasih :)


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