Saturday, July 20, 2013


Good Morning everyone, this is me again, i hope that you are not getting bored reading my Productive Holiday posts, Amen .. haha
Well, everyone knows i love cat .. as much as i love sewing, yap i love sewing
even i have a dream, one day when i finally become a wife and a mom of my kids, i will sew their clothes with both of my hands, sounds creepy, haha but i am so sure, i will do that one day

So today , i opened my closet and found a never-used pants, aladin pants ( haha i don't know i laugh when i remember "why i bought this pants?" ) i never used that pants before
the fabric is more like sweater fabric so i decided to make a maybe , beanie, i wanted a beanie , with a cat ears, and i did sew it my self

It's sooo easy to do, believe me , you just need a simple stuffs , like a pants (or you can use sweater), scissors, needles, sewing thread, pencil colours, and the beanie design ( if you don't like a cat, you may make a rabbit or a panda , or whatever animal you like )

First, put the beanie design paper to your fabric, and make it sure it won't move with put some needles.

and make a line due to the design

just like this , can you see the line ? haha that was really thin, almost invisible

and now cut the fabric due to the line you have made before

and you got that, and make it sure with some needles before you sew it

and now, your beanie is ready to sew !

sew it sew it all the way it supposed to sew, use the veston technique

and to make it more cute, i sew a little white ear from flannel fabric
and fun-ally ! you have you DIY Cat Ears Beanie !
So cute, right ? and it just a piece of cake !

Why  i love cat ? i don't know it just happened to me, i can't tell you why because i don't know why i love cat that way haha

and why i love sewing ? well, i just feel when i sew something, i sew with heart , i am too happy, and even i keep smiling all the way i sew haha
about my dream, i will do it one day
i will sew my husband work clothes, my kids school uniforms, i will sew it all, with my heart

And that's my cat, one of my cat, my favorite cat, i called him Cito.
When my dad was here, Cito always followed him everywhere my dad walked ......
i think i start to miss my dad so much
so sorry Cito i just can't take you walk in the fresh afternoon windy day, just like my dad brought you
every time i tried, my tears started to fall down

but i love you .... just like my dad loved you

and it will never change ...

Okay , that's enough i don't wanna swim on my memory deeper than this , or i can't stop my tears

Just like some days ago, i f you have made one like mine, upload your photo on twitter or instagram with hash tag #ProductiveHoliday
Well, see you on my next Productive Holiday post ! MIAOOOOOW!


  1. I am a bit disappointed, I thought you made a Totoro Hat, but insteaad you made a cat hat.


    1. haha i gave a "cat ears beanie" for my post's title, so don't blame me hihihi

  2. A good tip is after sewing the edges, turn it inside out then sew the white inner ear part and flip up the underpart, etc. Then it's not as obvious where you sewed it. But I love this idea it's so cute and awesome! My beanie is falling apart and i need a new one. It'll be nice to use one I made myself. I'll definitely credit you and your awesome idea!~


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