Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So today my brother was staying all day long at home and he was enjoying my messy room
reading my books, touching my stuffs, asking everything he wanted to know. And i started to feel that was so awesome fun.
And suddenly my brother shouted "AWWW !" and yea that was a pin who stabbed his leg.
and he said " don't you have a proper place to put your pin beside your bed, it hurts me"
i felt so sorry about that , and i promised to buy one tomorrow, but do i have to buy ? can't i make one ?
of course , I CAN DO THAT! :)

So i made a pin cushion, DIY again, and it was so easy, but a bit hard when i had to sew it, too small and too detail.
First, what i need for this cushion, mmm .. unused fabric, thread, needles, scissors, chopsticks, glue gun, pattern, glass, little pearl, and dakron ( i don't know the English of this stuff, wakakakaka foolish ! )

Second, fold the fabric, and put the pattern on the edge of the pleat

and draw a line due to the pattern you have

and cut cut cut cut cute it with your scissors ! give a little space for sewing part

and this is it ....

make the twin of your first sheet

Congrats you have a twin baby now, hahaha

cut the edge of you twin fabric

 this part is a bit confusing, fold the short side so the short one will stick to the long one

have done that ?


and sew it .. do it again to the other side, and the other one fabric , so you will have your bottom fabric become like this

and stick 'em together , and sewww itttt

see, i sew it along the line i have made

and put the dakron inside, wakakaka i don't i get laugh when i write "dakron" if you know what is the English of that stuff, let me know hha

so it will be like this...


and pin up your chopsticks inside the cushion, and press your cushion until it has a perfect shape

and sew the hole you left before , the hole for entering in dakron, hahaha come on

and make it sure your chopstick won't move with the glue gun dordordor

put the pearl on the top of your cushion 

stick your cushion to the inside of your glass with the glue gun

and i have this small white pearl, just to make it more cool

and voilaaaaa, i have my pin cushion, so my pins won't hurt my brother again, won't hurt me too

And it fits so perfect with my floral jewellery box....

 and the pictures below had taken by my brother, while i was listening to my cousin's story, look haha my room get so messy , and i am too lazy to make it nice

just like usual, if you have made one like mine , upload your photo on twitter or instagram with hash tag #ProductiveHoliday

see you soon guys on my next Productive holiday post, loveya!

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