Friday, July 12, 2013


Holiday, doesn't mean i have nothing to do
Well, i am a girl who can't just sit and listen, i will ask and look for the answer of all questions in my head
Mum said that she had a lot of cool jeans when she was teenager, and you know i couldn't just say "oh..." when my mum said that, i ran so fasttttttt to my mum closet haha

So today, i am wearing my mum jeans ! for sure, those pants were hers, and now this is mine
nothing had changed, mum said. 
that pants are just like the last time my mum saw it. 
i love the colour and i love the shape of that pants.
The pants, well, the brand of that pants is NOBODY , mum said she bought this at Melbourne, well, i don't know about that brand, honestly haha, but i was trying to get some info about that brand, and that brand still exists.

About The Turtle Neck basic tees, also my mum's! haha so that i give a "RECYCLE" title for this post haha
this one is unbranded, i couldn't find something stick on that tees hha

The Belt is mine, from Luna Maya for Hardware, and the bag, also mine, Handmade vintage bag, i am so in love with that bag for a longgg time, i often use it, and it still looks that good.

The shoes are from UP shoes ! Bizal gave this for my birthday, though he is far away, he did prepare it before.
Well this shoes are so lovely, i love the floral pattern, and the colour.
Those shoes are so high , but i don't know i just feel so comfortable on it. I still can walk proudly, i still can run cute-ly, i still can dance freely, everything, i still can do above that shoes.



The Glasses are from Times, my dad bought this for me, and he said "this is the last time you broke your glasses..." and yea, see dad, i still keep your glasses perfectly, so give a huge smile from heavenfor your lovely daughter

Well, one is not enough they say, so i decide to wear my dad shirt, his work shirt, i love the pockets ! wuuu
The shirt are from Gabrielle, such a cute name for that kind of shirt hha

Well, who say fashion is expensive ? do recycle then !

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