Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So today, i tidy up my messy room, and now my room looks so nice and i have a place to sleep to
while i was working , i found some snippet of tees , well, actually they are the fritters of my DIY tees before.
gonna put them on my trash bag, and sligthly my brain is working, why i don't use it for something cute, mmm like bracelets ? i love bracelets so much , but none of them are my creation, and i am so gonna make it ! now!

that pictures above are stuffs you need for making this DIY Hobo Bracelets, fritter tees, scissors, and blink-blink, whatever you want. So simple, isn't it ?

First, cut your fritter fabric into the smaller and longer one, about 30 x 2 cms


like that ... for the 1st bracelets, i need a couple piece of fritter fabric that i have cut before

and i stick them with the tape to my floor, and pull them..

and i make some knots, just some simple knots ...
So i have this line of red knots ... and i put the tape, and i bond both edges of the knotted rope

and my first DIY bracelet is done !
and i also make the same kind of that knotted bracelet in different colour, i make the light grey one ...

so i have TWO knotted bracelets ! wohoooo

Second type of my diy bracelet, i just need one rope of fritter fabric, and i also stick it on my floor with the tape

and then i make a small knot, and put 5 little rings on my rope, they won't move because the small knot will hold them , and make a small knot again after the rings.. and do the same thing again, until you think that's enough, you can make it round or just a half round.

so i have a line of studded bracelet ..

and now, i have THREE diy bracelets .. enough ? not yet, i want one more ...

for my last bracelet, i need one rope fabric and a line of silver chain ..

and i make a small knot on the edge of my rope ....


and put the chain on ...


and let some chains hanging freely .. and make the small knot again for making the hanging chains stopped.

and i have my hanging chains bracelet...
and my bracelets dancing soooo awesome on my wrist !
i love them , i love that four !


and i also use the unused chain , i just wrap it around my wrist .. and make it sure with a suede thread ...

look at my damn cute hand things ! i love them all, i love my DIY bracelets so much ..
actually i always love all my DIY stuffs, mmm i just feel a bit proud when i make something unused become something useful

When you think recycle just happened to the trashes, you are a big wrong,  some stuffs you think they are getting so old, they also can be re-cycle-d
become the new dying cute thingies

this hobo bracelets are so simple and easy to do, you can use them on some fun case, like hanging out to the city park with fellas, or walking around your city, chilling out on a cafe , shopping to the mall 
and i think this fringe dream catcher tees and this denim shorts are perfectly fit to my bracelets

And thanks for reading my DIY post, i am so happy when you think some of post are interesting and inspiring.
 just like my DIY posts before, upload your photo to twitter or instagram if you have made one like mine with hash tag #ProdutiveHoliday 

Well,  i think my mumbo jumbo is enough to write to, i am Canca, see you on my next DIY post ! have a productive holiday !

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