Monday, July 29, 2013

Strong as GOLD !

Strong as GOLD
me strong as gold, don't agree ? get a life
hahaha kidding 

well, i wear something smells gold today, bracelet, gold, clutch, gold, earring, a bit gold
and the black shirt and black pumps stand for the strength and power.
This is so me , i am strong as gold 

The black backless shirt , my own design, you know i love drawing, some sketch, fashion outfits sketch , and when i want to make it real, here they are , my own design clothes :)
when i want something , i will do everything as best as i can do until i get what i want, if it is not today, tomorrow is the answer, there is no "never" in my life, everything is about ever and possible

I am tattooed, while i am also a smoker, but i know how to keep my dignity :)
i am naughty , but classy
some people in my town think that a tattooed, a smoker, a late night traveler, is a really bad human being.
that's what some dummy people think, but i believe my town has a lot of open minded people who lived in.
Do i don't have right to smell the heaven's scent ? just like what you said, A ?
so you don't have any sin ? or you think you are better than me ? or smarter than me ? so free sex is legal , and that's not a sin ? 
see, i am stronger :)

hoahaha readers, just skip what i have written , that's just what i think, that was what going on my twitter last night, there is a girl who judged me like a dog, she licked up her own spittle, and acted like a pig , she ate her own feces :)

The point is , more and more you judge me , more i get stronger more than you know, because i am strong as GOLD :)

Well, some girls think that i am such a social climber through a football club  fanbase account, well, indeed i am the administrator, but come on,  my twitter followers just gained about 10-20 peoples , that's just a little of sand haha

girls, i tell you how to be famous and gain lot of followers

1. join with @Beatle_INA, i love the beatles, since i joined with that community , i gained lot followers, because @Beatle_INA is a whole world community, share some information and mention it to them , you will get some followers , believe me hahaha

2. Become a fashion contributor at go girl! magazine, you know , some of my contribution posts become so famous when i give it to Kak Mora , as the Web editor

3. Be a fashion blogger ,everyone knows about fashion, but being stunning is the most difficult thing, once you get so stunning, whole world will see you, my blog ? i gain almost 30,000 readers, that's still a little amount, but my readers spread in all countries.

4. Being humble, be friend with everyone, good, bad, you don't have any right to judge them , the key, being open minded , you know your self better than anyone :)

5. Be creative ! some of my post are DIY post, once you are being inspiring for everyone, forever they will remember you :)

6. Don't ever think you are smart , because when you think you are smarter than everyone, you are totally a dummy !
hahah kidding

So, being administrator is the smallest way being famous :)

GOTCHA ! i slap you on your face, oooops sorry :p


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