Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mighty Night

well, today i make the same DIY Chain Shoes like yesterday, but in a different colour, the black one...
i add the chains and black sateen ribbon, and i am dying love this shoes ..

And this shoes is really great to be my night outing friend, maybe have some party or, just a romantic dinner , or prom night, it will bring you to be the glamour one , black and chain, excellent !

hair do ? well, that simple, wear a mini turban is the best choice i can give you ...

or just let it fall .. haha i seem so happy and that picture , but me so cute , it's okay hahaha

if you want a mini turban like mine you can klik @whatiworestuff , they have some fvcking cute mini turban and other stuffs you may also love ..

and my dress, i loveeee this dress so much , i love everything on it , the wave , the back shape, the fabric, the colour, everything ... this dress made by Lilou!
and the gold clutch ? that's my mom's , gold clutch by Kate Landry Social
i have to be so careful if i borrow this clutch , my mom will get mad at me when she knows that i put this clutch on the floor , whatthe ..

and this shoes , DIY Chain Shoes, if you want make one, you can look over the post under this post..
so easy to do guys .. easy and cheap ..

 what's new today ? well, i cut my bang , my aunty said "your bang make you look so worse , it falls like curtain .."
well, in fact i am not so looking good at long bang , so i decided to cut my bang .. just my bang , and i had to wait for about one and a half hour -,-

and yay ! my hair is getting longer everyday , and i am so over excited to know about it ..

and guys ! thanks ! you have made my day everyday , i hope you have the greatest day everyday just like mine ..

love youuuu ..

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