Wednesday, August 7, 2013


yay ! i am so happy today, because what , mmm let you guess !
don't have any idea , well i will tell you

i am just launched my new online shop which sells some DIY ideas material stuffs, why ? because sometimes looking for some materials is getting so hard, so i decide to make The Craftpenter, a place who give you the easiness to do DIY projects

and this is The Craftpenter 's first project , DIY Cat Ear Head Band !
so cute and so easy to do!
and now ! lets make the cutest stuff you will have !, first of course, open the package, and you will find a head band, a couple of bobby pin, ribbon, and fake pearl

First, wrap the head band with the ribbon along the headband ..

So, your head band will be looked like this .. 

and now , take your bobby pin ..and pull both side of your bobby pin, opposite direction..

So you will have this kind of cat ear wire ..

and stick them with super glue (alteco or E6000), and let it dry for a minute...

and wrap the ears with ribbon ... for every ribbon wrapping you will start , make it sure the edge won't slip off by giving them super glue ...

and i give some fake pearl on my second cat ear head band... isn't that cute ?

and now i have a twin cute baby !

Well, that's the step how to make the DIY Cat Ear Head Band , i tell you for the last time, thas's so easy peasy !


 so kindly follow and purchase @TheCraftpenter, every IDR 1K of your purchase we will give it to people who are less fortunate than us 
a GIFT to GIVE ;)

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