Friday, August 2, 2013

PRODUCTIVE HOLIDAY #7 : DIY Chain Mary Jane Shoes

ooooe, wehoweho lalalalala
hmm forget it , i just try to make my day become so awful happy
mm may i colour my day today with blue colour ? yeps, i am feeling so blue right now
actually i have to be happy, but i don't know i've just lost it , a second ago

Well, i need some junk food to make it better, and when i am ready to go i say "what?? i don't have right shoes for hanging out" , in fact maybe i have , but i am just too bored to realized it
and i am trying to find the perfect shoes, but that doesn't work that good, i am so bad-mood!
well, go to hell bad mood ! 
and finally i have found the perfect shoes, just a plain shocking pink shoes, ssssssh too simple, i don't like it like omg 

so , i make it not so simple... who say i can't do this , sorry ?

what you need for this one areeee ... shoes of course ! anycolour you have , up to you .. ribbon.. chains... glue ... and some hooks.. oh ya oh ya and scissors

first, cut the ribbon, about 5-7 cms , make a couple of that ..

and flip it, and glue it on the edge ...

and then ... stick on your shoes ...

like this ....


and second part , measure the chains due to your ankle .. i use two kind of chains

and conquer all the chains into one to the hook, so it looks like a bracelet ...

and put the chain inside the ribbon ..

and your done !! eazzy pizzy and so overload cute..

well, i am amusing my self, i don't want to be trapped inside the misery hole, i really don't want
though i feel it, but i know how to make it better
so i do want what i love to do

well, really i am not in the mood of talking too much so , this is enough for today , thank you for having my post this night, hope you have a great time than me , huuuu

don't forget to upload your photo to twitter or instagram with hash tag #ProductivaHoliday !
see you !

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