Monday, August 26, 2013

Semeru has its own summer, SUMMER-RU !

Well, first , i would like to say "Minal Aidzin wal faidzin, Happy Eid Mubarak for you who celebrate it"
i know it's far too late haha but .. better too late than nothing

What did i do on my long holiday ?
Of course i did lot of cool stuffs everyone wanted too haha
i did some DIY projects and made some holiday plan while my boo was coming back from Germany.

I love mount climbing, everyone knows, and my boo about to start to love mount climbing too, yayness ! it's so fun when your boo has the same hobby with you.
So.. me and some of my friend decided to go to Semeru Mt., the highest mountain in Java.
Well, 12 Aug me and my boo went to Malang, a couple days stayed there, walked around city, we were like a far-away-home tourist, haha that was so fun, we walked everywhere we wanted, laughed at everything even that was not that enough funny to be laughed for , and yay i love the way my boo is beside me and going nowhere 

14 Aug in the morning,  time to pack our stuff into our carrier, walked to train station, not to take the train line, we took the "angkot" ( such a public transportation ), and we went to Arjosari, Bus Station, met with @AsdiKurniawan , @Dyannicholas , @tikameira , @krejidrimer , @raden_aii , @Pendikleank , Mas Semprong, Mas Galih, and Mas Bayu. 
yap 11 rangers were ready to hike Semeru up !

From Arjosari, we took Angkot again to Pasar Tumpang, where the Jeep was waiting for us , and ready to take us to Ranupani. 
The jeep was so cool, i always love the jeep since i was kid, even when i become a mommy someday, i want a jeep as my ride haha
all our carriers had put on the roof of the jeep, and the boys got over of the jeep's outdoor part, and the girls were inside the jeep.
It took about 2-3 hours from Pasar Tumpang to Ranupani, where our journey would begin.

Ranupani, well, we had to do administration thing, so we could do the climbing.
We had to prepare our copy of identity card, and then a letter of health from doctor for the administration.
everything was done! our stuffs had all written on the list and given it to the officer. 

We were walking along the Ranupani and we were there at the gate of the mountain tracks, woooah 
we met a lot of mountaineers there, from all around Indonesia, such an amazing thing to start.
the watch showed 13.00 and hell yeah we were here, Ranu Kumbolo on 17.00 , just took 4- hours to get Ranu Kumbolo, the most popular place, they say Ranu Kumbolo is a nice place, well, for me who have seen a lot at Semeru, Ranu Kumbolo is not that good like what people say, it was too crowded, thousand humans stayed there so they left some disgustig filth, ahh why they didn't dig emmmmm, if they are the real mountaineers they should know how to dig your own shit.

we camped in Ranu Kumbolo for a night, me and kak tika cooked the dinner, vege soup, tempe goreng, and telur dadar, and rice of course 
had done with our dinner, time to go sleep, freezing huuuuh, it was about -4 at night, we were all sleeping inside our sleeping bag, me was sleeping with Bizal, Asdi, and Dyan.

Ranu Kumbolo in the morning, so foggy, we couldn't see the sun rise, but it was okay for us though haha 
Asdi and Dyan took some photos as they always did, me and kak tika again cooked our breakfast, sardine, and again tempe goreng haha

at 15 Aug 10.00 , we packed everything and continued our journey, Tanjakan Cinta "imagine your crush name, don't look back, at she'he will be yours" people always say haha
but it was so hard to not to look back down haha, i did about 3 or 4 times look back down ahaha took pictures and laugh at how tiring this ramp huh
but ssst .. what you got after this tiring ramps is .. Oro-Oro Ombo, the place that i want the heaven will look like, huge land to run to, full of lavenders, very quiet and joyous
I love this place, people have to know Oro-Oro Ombo is much better than Ranu Kumbolo, the view, the scent, the wind, everything , i love this place

After Oro-Oro Ombo we met Cemoro Kandang , Lawu also has Cemoro Kandang haha, and the nightmare started from Cemoro Kandang, we had too face the dusty way, sandy track, a big rocks to kick, and again killing ramps :')
even we walked 10 steps and took 30 minutes to lay our hair down . again 10 steps , 30 minutes took break, we didn't know how far we had walked , and when it would end it was a long row to hoe '

and fuck-nally ! Jambangan ! no more ramps ! and i saw it , i saw Mahameru :')
i felt so close to, about to cry but .. no 
i pinned it, and took the Mahameru right here *knockmyheart
Jambangan and Kalimati, second place where we would built our camps, bcs 17 Aug Mahameru had been booking by TNI, so we changed the plan to get Mahameru tonight.
Our camps had done, made a mango pudding, and we slept , woke up at 11 at night, and we were there , on the way to Mahameru, and guess what we met there ?! we met a long queues, yeah those people about to climb the Mahameru like us did -___-

it was about 100 m left to the peak and rain storm was coming, 16 Aug , 2 am ,  all people stucked on their foot, didn't move even an inch , i was so scared to death but i wanted that peak so much , some people decided to go back , for their own safety, the life guards said that too, we had to go back down for our own good, but me ? i was still standing, pretending like the rain would stop soon, while all my friends said to me we had to go back down, and i said " we can do this, we can get that peak, it's so close"
but all people forced me to go back down
sad? of course, upset ? a big yes, dissapointed ? also. I was walking and walking and walking down, ignoring all people who speaking to me

Arcopodo , and i felt my left leg was freezing, so hard to make it move, i was sick, my vision blurred, i felt so cold, i couldn't feel everything i touched, and i lost my soul
Some people said i got hypothermia, and unconscious for about 3 hours and i said i was just feeling sad, no need to worry 

16 Aug 10.00 , we packed everything inside carriers, and go back to Ranupani, we took the same track like yesterday and yesterday 
we were all tired, tired to take camps out from carrier so we didn't do camping again, we went straight to Ranupani, and stranger man asked to join our group, Ranu Kumbolo at 17.00 so maybe we would arrive at Ranupani at 23.00 bcs we were all too tired, but we were a big wrong, we were really tireed, the girls got sick, and me of course, even some of the boys too, the stranger made us some hot drink and some foods, we were all tired and starved, God, Thanks, maybe You accidentally sent this stranger for us, the kind-hearted stranger

Ranupani 17 Aug 2 am, we almost spent our 9 hours for Ranukumbolo to Ranupani which we took 4 hours on the departure day
we all knew, we were all tired, when we arrived at Ranupani, we built our camps and slept!

Tha's sort of my journey, what happened and what we had pass , everything always has a happy ending , at least we had tried to clim Mahameru that day, Mahameru is not going anywhere, Mahameru is waiting for us on the right time, people say is not that easy to enjoy the amazing-ness of Mahameru, and see, it's not that easy as 5 cm film has shown you about.

And Thanks Semeru ! You have shown us how amazing you are , so we want to visit you next time, again, ang mark my word, i will get your peak!


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