Thursday, September 26, 2013


yay! today is Thursday !
time to treat my face again after a week , last week i told you about an egg mask , so what's next today ?
well today i will tell you about "TOMATO SCRUB" huuuuuwaaaaa
i really love tomato , because this cute little thing has so much advantage for your body and skin

Tomato Scrub can make your skin become a million times smoother and more fresh , also ... it can cure your naughty acne.
why tomato can do that ? because tomato contains powerful antioxidant that can be an anti-aging and keep your elasticity of your skin , tomato also can be a moisturizer for your skin, so go go go dry skin !

 and how to make it ?????!

 First ! prepare some stuffs you will need for this tomato scrub !
tomato !!!!

sugar !!

knife !!

headband !!

second ! are you ready guyssss ?! let's make it !

wear your headband , so your hair will not bother you a lot haha

take your potato , and cut it !

take a little part of your tomato that you have cut it before, and put on your sugar 

yummmm! it seems so deliciousooooo

and scrub the tomato to your face , make a round motion , gently, make sure that you don't scrub it too hard , because the sugar pattern can hurt your skin

and let it dry for about 10 minutes, the tomato's fluid will get in to your skin through your skin's pores.
for me while waiting for that , i did some radom things , haha tooke a picture of my self in front of the mirror, that was sooo unimportant thing though haha

and also, i made a tomato juice from the unused part of my tomato, yummy, love it !

 and voila ! 10 minutes have left , wash your face with cold water and feel the freshness !


and the third step, or the last of thing you have to do

use your moisturizer cream

and put your ice cube around your face

make it dry, and...... VOILA!

and you are done ! it's so easy to do right ? again, don't do this too often , twice a month are more than enough hehe

so, that's all . i have to go guys,  for preparing CISC Solo birthday , see you on the next Thursday gurls !

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