Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fascinating Merbabu, November 2013

hell yeah ! 
where have i been ? haha it's been a long long long time since my last rubbish love story post haha
guys, i have traveled a lot since my last heart-broke haha 
kicked my feet to Sempu Island, to Bandung, to Pangrango, and Merbabu Mt. in a row , a month , November huhu

Well, today i want to tell you about my hike activity , to Merbabu Mt. 
how i love this thing so much , mountain ..
some people asked me "what you get from doing that thing?" , and gladly i answered " i got everything i need "

Merbabu Mt. all mountaineers know it well , that Merbabu has the best green green view ever.
Sunrise, sunset , they just looked so perfect from Merbabu when i went there with my bestfriends.
We started our trip from Mr. Parman's Base camp at 3 pm. We were all walking happily begging some prays from people we owned around us. It was so sunny and the sky turned so blue, so i was smiling along the trekking time. I put my jacket down, the wind was too beautiful to pass it up.

tired ... everyone felt the same thing .. no sighed .. 
the trekking terrain was a bit precipitous , slippery, and it was such a long row to hoe , MERBABU via  SELO 
but the sunset-big-secret of Merbabu removed every tiring things we felt
reddish twilight and ..... faintly , i heard Adzan from soooo far far away  

4 hours left and we were here ! Sabana 1, the sky turned dark , and we built our camp, i built my own camp alone , because my body started to feel cold, my hands was shaking, my lips was trembling , and i couldn't stop shooking my head 
my camp was ready and i put my carrier inside the camp, i wore my flannel shirt above my t-shirt , and i wore my jacket above my flannel shirt, and i wore my rain coat above my jacket .
I felt so cold outside and inside , fiuuhhhh
so i decided to sleep inside my sleeping bag after had my dinner , the boys cooked my dinner lalala 

Sunrise called
Everyone wake up
no one wanted to skip their meeting with mr.sun
Merbabu Sunrise , they told me , Merbabu has the best sunrise 
red, orange, dark blue, and white , and .... Merapi Mt. 
They just made me fall in love with them , with that combination, everytime i saw them , i was falling deeper and deeper 

6 am in the next fine morning , time to pack our day-pack, me brought my camera, soda, cigarettes, and my faith 
"you have to climb the highest mountain , kick the rocks off your way , and breath , and close your eyes , and enjoy the peak .. bring your faith to make you stronger than everyone has thought about you, that will stab their heart out " that was what my dad always said to me and Dad, i always did that thing

Green , Sabana, Blue Sky, White Clouds, and The Lofty Merapi Mount.
those were all what my eyes could see , i was there , on the peak of Merbabu Mount. 3145 meters above the sea level.
and .... with my bestfriend , i felt so blessed , hohoho i am crying 
i just felt that i was so blessed everytime, every single second i have passed , they were all here with me 

The wind touched my body and removed my misery
i closed my eyes and breathed, and i knew i was so blessed
i looked at them who looked at me , and the warm hug spread above the peak 
still asked for more ?
no , God gave me everything , even something i didn't ask for before


So i told the sky what i felt lately , i threw everything, up there , i felt so sorry to Merbabu that i had to threw all my pains.

God , i don't need anything in this world except my dad
i don't want anything in this world except my dad too
but you gave me something i never ask before , Bestfriends and Mountains

i must be so idiot if i am asking for more , won't do , believe me , won't do ..........................

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