Monday, December 15, 2014

Lovely Little Things

There's a story behind the bag and the shoes, actually not only for this bag and this shoes.

It started when my dad wanted to sell my car, because we had to pay a hospital bill, yap, my dad got sick, and he had to do some treatments, so we needed a lot of money for that.
Sad ? of course, who wouldn't sad ? but then , i had to think carefully, which one was more important that time
18 years old teenager , had to decide , you know that was a number of age who made us being so selfish,ryt? 

And then i said ," it's okay, you can take me to school, and pick me up when school ends, and you take me to singing course, and go to mall, i love that, i can spend a lot of time with you", you know how hard to say that words without crying, but i didn't , i didn't cry at that time, i kept the tears inside my throat, it was so painful, but at least i was trying

My dad smiled, he must be proud of me hahaha
and i nodded, i said again "please, sell me car when i am in school, deal ?"
My dad smiled, and nodded 

And the day started, the day where my dad would take me everywhere i wanted, i could make him take me to school in the morning and i could make him asked for permission to his office for a while to pick me up. And it was very touching.

And I said while we were on our way home, " I am a proud little daughter dad, and will always be,i am just going to be embarrassed when i don't have nice clothes, cool shoes, and cute stuffs again like what i have before and today, i want it be tomorrow and forever. So promise me you will buy me those things until i have husband, so stay healthy and long-live. Pinky promise?"

Shoes by @dreamhopeshoes

Shirt, was my dad working shirt, Slim Fit by The Executive

Skirt by Cotton Ink

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Explore Banyuwangi : Baluran National Park

" I am working for traveling "

That is what I always say when someone asked me why i should work harder. Since my most favorite hobby is traveling, I have to work harder, sweat-bath , to gain a lot of pennies for it. 

A month working and didn't go anywhere, bored, of course, i want mountain so much, beach too, island include on it. Gain first, and lose later, there is no sin on lose for something we love, traveling, with the one you love :)

Started on a little tea time conversation with Gary "why don't we go to beach?" , and of course my answer was "but i want mountain so much, you've said yes when i asked"
As usual , what i hate the most, Gary's face was changing into an ugly boy, kept silent, and ate his food. Homey, and he straight went to bedroom. 

" Purowosari to Banyuwangi Baru ... Nov 4th, i hope at least there are two tickets for me and Gary." and that was , that thing, Gary's ugly face, always worked well for changing my mind. I was looking for the train ticket on website, Gary didn't know about that. And , i thanked God , there were 2 tickets for us, Sri Tanjung Train, Rp 50,000,- for 12 hours. ( 08.12 -- 08.30 )

_________________________ b a n y u w a n g i _____________________________

we didn't stop at Banyuwangi Baru train station like our Plan A, we stopped at Karangasem Train Station.
and what's exciting on our first night, Road to CISC Banyuwangi picked us up on train station and gave us a warm greeting, to be honest, it was touching.

We went to their basecamp near train station to put our bag. We were dying hungry, lesson learned, slept along the way won't make you forgot about your hungry belly, yap i said that to myself.
We ate "Nasi Tempong" , and tempong means "slap"
I was , and i did , slapped by those nasi tempong, i didn't know how much chili they used for making those spicy nasi tempong, the only thing i knew was "much"

_____________________ b a l u r a n _______________________

woke up in the morning, took a shower, wore clothes, put carriers on, we were ready, BALURAN !
on Nov 6th

It was so far from banjarsari (where we stay) to Baluran. Placed at Kab. Situbondo. Oh yea, for you who make Baluran as your first destination, you have to stop at Banyuwangi baru train station , it will save your way about half, less or more. 
We took motorcycle there , with Handoko and Mastur, and it was a really long road to go.
 If you want to take bus to go there, look for a surabaya-situbondo bus.

after 2 hours , less or more, i hope less, we were there , Baluran National Park Gate.
went to the registration desk, pay the ticket , Rp 5000,- / people
and Rp 5000,- / motorcycle
 we paid them, they gave us the map, and we were ready to explore what Baluran has

and Baluran was supa dupa mega giga cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
couldn't tell you how beautiful it was, you have to see it by your self.

"how come there was a savanna like in Africa, how come? how come there is an ever green part middle of those savanna? how come there is a mangrove forest ? how come there is a beach without wave ? how come there are some population in one place ?"

yap those were what my brain asked to my another part of my brain, while tracking along the Baluran. For real, there is mountain, savanna, ever green, mangrove forest, and beach, in the same time and same place.

not yet, i didn't tell you anything yet, compare to what Baluran has

deers who can run freely, bulls who can  walk easily, hawks who can fly bravely, peacock who can show off their feathers, monkeys who can hang happily
How could i don't cry when i was there ? how could i ?

i said i coldn't say anything right ? so maybe those photos and videos could show you how amazing Baluran is.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heaven-like Tebing Keraton

when sleep is for the weak , when Jakarta to Bandung is like Route 66
those afternoon , when we have no place to go on a crowd big town
escape from all problems

has changed to be ....

we are a lover
against the hazy sky, in the glinting darkness the leaves are tear stained. Then, the wind comes to shake off the drops, and down the drip one by one.
With its perfectly rounded moon, we crawl up its mountain side
but i let you walk in front of me , so i can see you there
guiding me, through the tunneling lights
i've never been this happy before 
once , and now twice 

Tebing Keraton
another face of Bandung , maybe a place that you will never believe that you are still stand on this " Kota Kembang "
really, different taste of Bandung, a city where you can find another teenagers are looking for their worldly pleasures
Guys , you don't have to take a long time to go to this heaven-like place
and you don't have to spend a lot of money to feel how refreshing the air of this place

Catch the Sunrise, one of a thing i love so much 
i was thinking to catch the sunrise with someone i love , oneday 
but that was " i was "
and now , for the second time, enjoying the sunrise with a slice of a misty dawn with the love
to see him , over there, look at the sun, happily 
you won't be able to pawn this feeling with anything

Do you ever hear it baby ? when i close my eyes and softly whisper that you are the sunrise that i want for too long , where have you been ? 
just don't move , and stay
because i love sunrise that bad

do you feel the same? or maybe you have to be me to feel it deeply
you could die because of too much happy
you heart will beat so fast , like a jaguar chasing its prey

Tebing Keraton
becomes a witness 
Sunrise with someone you love is worth to be cried for

I want that smile , i want that laugh 
i want that eyes
forever mine

Thursday, August 28, 2014

CIkuray's Different Colour

"so this is love, this need to shelter and find shelter; to be with the one person whom you will never tire and whose infinite quirks and thoughts and actions become a part of yours" - Improper Relations

presently play Take a Walk by Passion Pit

here i am again, train, without rain
i am looking straight to my carrier 
alone , with some strangers who smile at me and start to ask where i am heading to
" Bekasi " i answer with a little smile as the sweeter
but deep inside that answer there is a thing more than just "Bekasi"
because this train is gonna take me to The Brown Eyes Guy who is fortunately mine
to see the strangers smile , so do i

 "All these kinds of places
Make it seem like it's been ages
Tomorrow some new building will scrape the sky
I love this country dearly
I can feel the ladder clearly
But I never thought I'd be alone to try "
Take a Walk by Passion Pit

baby, i am so waiting too long for this day
i've packed everything i need, you need, we need
this is the first time you try a thing that could make me happy
i know it, i know it clearly that you are not so into this activity , outdoor activity 
which you need to put your bag on your back, walk up and down, and up and down, until you don't know when it will end 
but you said again and again " I am just trying to see what you see" with those kind of smile
baby, i've lost all my words

Bekasi Train Station ,early morning
 make my steps go faster , out from the train
spread smile to everyone , to the silent chairs, to the little gate, to the crowd
i stop to help an elder bring her bag , i am just so happy
the exit gate
faster and faster , my step, my heart beats so faster too
and there, he is .....

i miss you

Tangerang, your first night
you look not that right , not that excited , not that happy
being so insecure with a guy , a just-friend-guy who want to bring my carrier
and you say " i can bring that carrier for you too " and you know baby, that's so funny , to see you get so mad with another guy , i love it
and there you are, bring my carrier, so we both bring our own carrier, heavy baby ? hhe

Early unwanted tracking , everything seems so dark for me so dark
i have to struggle more than tracking in the morning
even with this headlamp, everything is blur , for me
again, you make it brighter though a bit with your light
but i think i better to walk behind you , to see how perfect you are with that carrier on your back
i love that

Pos 7 Cikuray , freezing night
first time for you baby , but it such a good damn thing, first time hiking and bring your own carrier
until this high
inside this tend
watch your lips shaking, hands and toes freezing
i am so scared 
every single thing i wear i've given to you , just to make you feel warm
you are sleeping soundly
but here i am, i can't sleep , looking at you not even let a second blinking my eyes
again you feel too cold until you said " cold, really cold, i can't handle this, too cold "
my heart hurts the most to see a guy i love the most being that way
i hug you, i place my body on your toes, give you my sleeping bag so you are wearing both mine and yours
give you my neck warmer, make a cup of hot milk,  hug you tight, and kiss you ...

"you feel warm ? how about singing your favorite song ? i forget the song, so lets sing together baby "
that's all i can say and hug you , you sleep , like a baby 
and i start to cry , a happiness tears

2821 MDPL, Perfect combination
both , things i love , blend into one colour
sunrise and you

red, orange, blue, white, golden, and you hug me , i close my eyes, i start to think i am in the 7th clouds
"now i see what you love to see" you said
and kiss my hair , i close my eyes again , and i smile
"this is for you and for you" you said 
"this is for my dad too" i added

Congratulation for your first summit and sunrise above the clouds baby , you feel it ? how it feels when you stand higher than the cloud ?
and congratulation for me too , who have enjoyed walking behind you , watch your back , and i want it more and more

Friday, June 20, 2014


never thought that my dad had so many slim-fit working shirts, he had really good taste on fashion , indeed
so yesterday i didn't have something to do , especially had a new tattoo hhu
i opened my dad closet and found his working shirts

dad, let me cut your working shirt , you don't need that pairs on heaven rite ?


so, i chose these shirts , first is a long sleeves shirt with blue blue blue sky colour, me like it so much
and second is a black short sleeves shirt with mmm maybe white dot pattern  , but i am not sure that's a dot hha
Second, you need colouring pencil, scissors, and ruler, and we are ready to rock those shirts !

First , draw the pattern , i am gonna make a hole on each shoulders of my blue sky shirt

you can directly draw the line but if you are too scared of a mistake , you can draw the line on paper first

and then flip your shirt , rith on the middle of your shirt , so you will have the same hole for both sleeves

and cut cut cut !

so you will have this hole on your shoulder , you can sew it or you don't want to, but i choose to sew it 

second , what i do with this shirt ? First , i try to make a heart line on my chest , make sure first how long the holes are gonna be by wear this shirt first and give some marks

and draw the cut-line , do you see the heart line ? similar to bustier's chest shape

and cut-cut-cut , for the heart line , i am just doing the cut for the front part , and again make a hole on each sleeves 

so you'll have this pattern ! sorry my cat always comes when i do some tutorials hha
and here i am wearing my DIY CUT OUT Shirt !

haha for sure , i am gonna wear this shirt and this  skirt , this bag, and this wedges when i am turning to be an interior designer haha

leather bag from Tocco Toscano , and Bold Wedges  from Fierce ! 

this is the details of the shirt , the holes is driving me crazy , me like it so much , and this vintage skirt from What I Wore Stuff, preloved one but with really good condition

love the most the second one , you can wear this shirt to have a night out or a prefect movie time with your beloved one

The Detail of second cut out , the heart shape turn to be a perfect one, 

and this sailor pants belong to The Executive, i can count with finger how many times i wear this pants haha so i am gonna make it uncounted. The Leather Mary Jane Shoes from Fierce ! 

 so that is all i can tell you about cut out shirt , actually you can make your own pattern of your cut out shirt , feel free to make your own imagination and creation
i am waiting for your turn guys !


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wonderful One-Day World Trip

guessing where i actually am or should be where we actually are
i was enjoying kick my own shoes around some places i wanted to be , alone , but that is "was"
and now ? i am suppa enjoying every steps my shoes take with someone i never thought before

when we talk about 'travelling abroad' and always end with 'lets gain a huge mountain of money' there is a place (still) in Indonesia which slightly brought us to be abroad, mmm seems like that
still guessing where we actually are ?

the plane was ready to take us on one day world trip, as a gift , the sky did look so good on that one fine summer day , a bit cold because we were already being at the higher place of the city. For the plane ticket we had to pay about 85K/85,000 IDR , 'pretty expensive cost' first time we knew about the plane ticket, but then ........

first floor had made our eyes grew bigger !

The boy who loves motorcycle was being so much excited and fully impressed with what the plane offered to that boy, there were so many motorcycle from some days long before you were born , so old-fashioned. The motorcycles not only from Indonesia, but the plane brings France's, Germany's , British's, America's, and Japan's too

and the girl who loves old car was being so much happy and couldn't stop screaming everytime she saw her favorite one. Same case with motorcycles, the cars also not only from Indonesia, but also from another country i have writen before, oh ya Soekarno's car being the star among the cars

 and lets move to the second floor !

second floor brought us to be a cowboy wanna be , living in a place full of woods, and American's vehicles, and ... an a soldier
again i was dying happy to see those old cars in front of my eyes , i hope my garage have one like this hahaha

the boy was (still) adoring the motorcycles, and the girl was (still) loving the cars. But then the the boy and the girl made it simple , they chose one thing they could love together hahaha

well, it was not a trip when you didn't do some silly things. The boy and The girl always did, they didn't care who would look at them strangely. 
walked along the norwegian wood garage and the boy suddenly said to the girl "baby, that's your favorite car, Beetle!"
The girl has a dream , she want a Vintage White Beetle car as her wedding car, with pink flower too, that's why she is so damn happy everytime she sees that car. 

and a second later , Morris Traveller did catch their eyes , those car , with those vintage luggages, what a perfect combination with summer's weather , "beach, baby?"

and we were here, ITALY !

the boy again , adoring the motorcycles, and the girl ? no she was not adoring the car , but she did love the vintage bells, she said " i want this bells at my door, when i have a home , one day"


beer is best , as we all known, where ? of to the course, GERMANY !

 what we saw after Germany was our favorite , ENGLAND!

and the girl found the most interesting part of this one day trip, The Beatles comes as the icon of Liverpool, indeed. Me couldn't stop screaming because of this. I did enjoy this part , enjoy to sit in front of them, i am The Fifth of them.


again, the boy and the girl were so excited with the Musketeer or what haha

and yet , still England , there is Buckingham Palace in front of us , such a great copy of it ! couldn't believe that , but really, it happened


see, how beautiful that copy , and lets go and take a look what is inside that palace, what we were facing first time when walked inside the palace was the Iron Soldier , am i look creepy enough like this iron soldier ?

and of course met the Rocking Queen haha 
The boy met The Queen with his torn jeans, and the girl met The Queen with her sneakers
and The Queen ? mm she looked happy with us haha

Last destination , WELCOME LAS VEGAS !

and what Las Vegas gave to us ? just like a real las vegas
some of singer's cars, and spotted the boy with his favorite singer, Michael Jackson and his car, also spotted a little Elvis haha

those manly things just brought the boy into his own childhood all over again,

girl will always gonna be girl, the girl got so much interested to some girly things , Marylin Monroe and her car , also her favorite cartoon ever, Scooby doo be doo !

" cause i am a biker , i love motorcycle" the boy said , and repeated, everytime he saw a motorcycles stand, and the girl said " i am an interior designer student , i am easily in love with some of cute home stuffs or furniture "

Las Vegas as the last destination of the plane we ride , and for you who wanna have such a wonderful one day trip like us , hurry , book a ticket to Malang , East Java , and directly go to Batu, Malang .
This Plane called Museum Angkut 

have a wonderful flight everyone ! <3 <3

Brown Bow Tie