Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Backpack-ing to Karimunjawa

hai everyone , hai hai hai hai seem like i want to say "hai" for zillion times
i miss you so much reader, miss writting something too
actually i do have so much things i can't count with my fingers to tell you about , but then mmm .. lets start with something which made my days so much happier

guess what ? no clue ? no idea ?
not that far from word "TRAVELING"
i just did and i just made and i just couldn't go back to the reality, i want more holiday , i want more i want more and i want more

so , on early March, Me, Gary ( my boyfriend) , and Kak Hami ( my best friend ) brought our backpack to a little heaven called Karimunjawa, some of you must be have known about Karimunjawa, yeps that is a little island near Jepara, still belongs to Jepara, but you have to cross over the sea to get there.

Our story started from Jogja , we took the bus to Semarang we had to pay about 40,000 IDR for 4 hours, and from Semarang, again, we had to ride a smaller and creppy bus , no AC, and we had to face the crowds, we had to pay 15,000 IDR for 2 hours, and we were there, JEPARA. It was 6 p.m. we were so hungry like crazy, so we decided to eat at Alun-Alun kota Jepara while waiting for our friends, Chelsea Supporters Club chap. Jepara. Uuuu and the night went so slow, maybe because i just couldn't waiting for too long anymore, karjaaaaaaaaw

Woke up and Got up! we were ready for the holihdayyyyyh 

From Jepara , we took the ship ( yellow submarine played on my ears ) , to the island across the land, and we had to pay 44,000 IDR for 6 hours, crazy 6 hours, tired tired tired, slept all the way, ate , ate , and bored, we were in the middle of the sea, there was nothing to amazed for, i just saw water everywhere.
and Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Karimun men Karimunnnnnnn, what we were waiting for since i didn't know exactly when 

Met our homestay owner, and we decided to walk to the homestay , looked around, and still could believe that we were here. The Homestay belongs to Mr.Anto, well-dressed homestay, wooden floor, springbed, plasma TV, Indovision, and C-H-E-A-P, we only paid 30,000 IDR/person for one night.
The First day we were walking around the Karimunjawa, to the new wharf, and there was something really really bad happened, not to us, but it happened to some strangers which now they become our friends.
That is a long story, the point is the strangers went down to the sea, and all people got panic, and tried to help them.

at night we had a romantic dinner haha no no no kidding, we had a dinner at Alun-alun Karimunjawa, we ate the huge squid, a huge huge squid , it costed 30,000 IDR

The Second day, we did SNORKLIIIING , the first day snorkling, for this first day snorkling we had to pay 150,000 IDR for the snorkling tools, underwater camera, boat, and for lunch, that was the cheapest price above all, belongs to Captain Ajibin. I thanked to God for the gloomy first day snorkling, so my skin wasn't being that tanned by the Mr.Sun. We did Snorkling with the strangers which sank on the sea hahaha
looked around some islands near Karimunjawa, and swam with the sharks, but only Gary who did that , haha i was too scared with sharks.

The Third day , still SNORKLINGGGG day , actually that was a sudden plan, our A plan were renting motorcicles and going to Mangroove Forest , but then we changed it , we changed it haha , we called Captain Ajibin and said that we wanted to join with the club, still with the sank-strangers.The first day we went west, so the second day we went east. And the sun was shiningg sooooo bright , and it made my skin more dark, but then i felt so holy-shit sexy ! haha , almost forget , for the second day we just paid 100,000IDR still with the same offers like yesterday.

The Second day were so beautiful till the words were gone, i just couldn't move my mind from thinking about that day , the beaches, the man, and the sunset. It was like this world belongs to me and my boyfriend, we closed our ears , and the eyes opened wilder, he hold my hand, not even once took it down, his eyes, brown eyes i couldn't deny, i love him, his lovely words made the beach sounded so soundly. 
I couldn't believe that the man beside me is mine, he is too much from what i have expected my boyfriend will be before, God gives me a diamond when i ask for the gold, too much, but i love it

The Last day , we were all felling so bad, didn't want to go home, and wanted more days to stay, it was so hard to pack our stuffs inside the carrier, i hate good bye , and good byes, but then the day have to be ended, we have a lot of things to do, in other hand. Play hard , work harder, then play harder, and repeat, that is my life, our life.


to be continued ------------- have to go

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