Friday, June 20, 2014


never thought that my dad had so many slim-fit working shirts, he had really good taste on fashion , indeed
so yesterday i didn't have something to do , especially had a new tattoo hhu
i opened my dad closet and found his working shirts

dad, let me cut your working shirt , you don't need that pairs on heaven rite ?


so, i chose these shirts , first is a long sleeves shirt with blue blue blue sky colour, me like it so much
and second is a black short sleeves shirt with mmm maybe white dot pattern  , but i am not sure that's a dot hha
Second, you need colouring pencil, scissors, and ruler, and we are ready to rock those shirts !

First , draw the pattern , i am gonna make a hole on each shoulders of my blue sky shirt

you can directly draw the line but if you are too scared of a mistake , you can draw the line on paper first

and then flip your shirt , rith on the middle of your shirt , so you will have the same hole for both sleeves

and cut cut cut !

so you will have this hole on your shoulder , you can sew it or you don't want to, but i choose to sew it 

second , what i do with this shirt ? First , i try to make a heart line on my chest , make sure first how long the holes are gonna be by wear this shirt first and give some marks

and draw the cut-line , do you see the heart line ? similar to bustier's chest shape

and cut-cut-cut , for the heart line , i am just doing the cut for the front part , and again make a hole on each sleeves 

so you'll have this pattern ! sorry my cat always comes when i do some tutorials hha
and here i am wearing my DIY CUT OUT Shirt !

haha for sure , i am gonna wear this shirt and this  skirt , this bag, and this wedges when i am turning to be an interior designer haha

leather bag from Tocco Toscano , and Bold Wedges  from Fierce ! 

this is the details of the shirt , the holes is driving me crazy , me like it so much , and this vintage skirt from What I Wore Stuff, preloved one but with really good condition

love the most the second one , you can wear this shirt to have a night out or a prefect movie time with your beloved one

The Detail of second cut out , the heart shape turn to be a perfect one, 

and this sailor pants belong to The Executive, i can count with finger how many times i wear this pants haha so i am gonna make it uncounted. The Leather Mary Jane Shoes from Fierce ! 

 so that is all i can tell you about cut out shirt , actually you can make your own pattern of your cut out shirt , feel free to make your own imagination and creation
i am waiting for your turn guys !


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