Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wonderful One-Day World Trip

guessing where i actually am or should be where we actually are
i was enjoying kick my own shoes around some places i wanted to be , alone , but that is "was"
and now ? i am suppa enjoying every steps my shoes take with someone i never thought before

when we talk about 'travelling abroad' and always end with 'lets gain a huge mountain of money' there is a place (still) in Indonesia which slightly brought us to be abroad, mmm seems like that
still guessing where we actually are ?

the plane was ready to take us on one day world trip, as a gift , the sky did look so good on that one fine summer day , a bit cold because we were already being at the higher place of the city. For the plane ticket we had to pay about 85K/85,000 IDR , 'pretty expensive cost' first time we knew about the plane ticket, but then ........

first floor had made our eyes grew bigger !

The boy who loves motorcycle was being so much excited and fully impressed with what the plane offered to that boy, there were so many motorcycle from some days long before you were born , so old-fashioned. The motorcycles not only from Indonesia, but the plane brings France's, Germany's , British's, America's, and Japan's too

and the girl who loves old car was being so much happy and couldn't stop screaming everytime she saw her favorite one. Same case with motorcycles, the cars also not only from Indonesia, but also from another country i have writen before, oh ya Soekarno's car being the star among the cars

 and lets move to the second floor !

second floor brought us to be a cowboy wanna be , living in a place full of woods, and American's vehicles, and ... an a soldier
again i was dying happy to see those old cars in front of my eyes , i hope my garage have one like this hahaha

the boy was (still) adoring the motorcycles, and the girl was (still) loving the cars. But then the the boy and the girl made it simple , they chose one thing they could love together hahaha

well, it was not a trip when you didn't do some silly things. The boy and The girl always did, they didn't care who would look at them strangely. 
walked along the norwegian wood garage and the boy suddenly said to the girl "baby, that's your favorite car, Beetle!"
The girl has a dream , she want a Vintage White Beetle car as her wedding car, with pink flower too, that's why she is so damn happy everytime she sees that car. 

and a second later , Morris Traveller did catch their eyes , those car , with those vintage luggages, what a perfect combination with summer's weather , "beach, baby?"

and we were here, ITALY !

the boy again , adoring the motorcycles, and the girl ? no she was not adoring the car , but she did love the vintage bells, she said " i want this bells at my door, when i have a home , one day"


beer is best , as we all known, where ? of to the course, GERMANY !

 what we saw after Germany was our favorite , ENGLAND!

and the girl found the most interesting part of this one day trip, The Beatles comes as the icon of Liverpool, indeed. Me couldn't stop screaming because of this. I did enjoy this part , enjoy to sit in front of them, i am The Fifth of them.


again, the boy and the girl were so excited with the Musketeer or what haha

and yet , still England , there is Buckingham Palace in front of us , such a great copy of it ! couldn't believe that , but really, it happened


see, how beautiful that copy , and lets go and take a look what is inside that palace, what we were facing first time when walked inside the palace was the Iron Soldier , am i look creepy enough like this iron soldier ?

and of course met the Rocking Queen haha 
The boy met The Queen with his torn jeans, and the girl met The Queen with her sneakers
and The Queen ? mm she looked happy with us haha

Last destination , WELCOME LAS VEGAS !

and what Las Vegas gave to us ? just like a real las vegas
some of singer's cars, and spotted the boy with his favorite singer, Michael Jackson and his car, also spotted a little Elvis haha

those manly things just brought the boy into his own childhood all over again,

girl will always gonna be girl, the girl got so much interested to some girly things , Marylin Monroe and her car , also her favorite cartoon ever, Scooby doo be doo !

" cause i am a biker , i love motorcycle" the boy said , and repeated, everytime he saw a motorcycles stand, and the girl said " i am an interior designer student , i am easily in love with some of cute home stuffs or furniture "

Las Vegas as the last destination of the plane we ride , and for you who wanna have such a wonderful one day trip like us , hurry , book a ticket to Malang , East Java , and directly go to Batu, Malang .
This Plane called Museum Angkut 

have a wonderful flight everyone ! <3 <3

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