Thursday, August 28, 2014

CIkuray's Different Colour

"so this is love, this need to shelter and find shelter; to be with the one person whom you will never tire and whose infinite quirks and thoughts and actions become a part of yours" - Improper Relations

presently play Take a Walk by Passion Pit

here i am again, train, without rain
i am looking straight to my carrier 
alone , with some strangers who smile at me and start to ask where i am heading to
" Bekasi " i answer with a little smile as the sweeter
but deep inside that answer there is a thing more than just "Bekasi"
because this train is gonna take me to The Brown Eyes Guy who is fortunately mine
to see the strangers smile , so do i

 "All these kinds of places
Make it seem like it's been ages
Tomorrow some new building will scrape the sky
I love this country dearly
I can feel the ladder clearly
But I never thought I'd be alone to try "
Take a Walk by Passion Pit

baby, i am so waiting too long for this day
i've packed everything i need, you need, we need
this is the first time you try a thing that could make me happy
i know it, i know it clearly that you are not so into this activity , outdoor activity 
which you need to put your bag on your back, walk up and down, and up and down, until you don't know when it will end 
but you said again and again " I am just trying to see what you see" with those kind of smile
baby, i've lost all my words

Bekasi Train Station ,early morning
 make my steps go faster , out from the train
spread smile to everyone , to the silent chairs, to the little gate, to the crowd
i stop to help an elder bring her bag , i am just so happy
the exit gate
faster and faster , my step, my heart beats so faster too
and there, he is .....

i miss you

Tangerang, your first night
you look not that right , not that excited , not that happy
being so insecure with a guy , a just-friend-guy who want to bring my carrier
and you say " i can bring that carrier for you too " and you know baby, that's so funny , to see you get so mad with another guy , i love it
and there you are, bring my carrier, so we both bring our own carrier, heavy baby ? hhe

Early unwanted tracking , everything seems so dark for me so dark
i have to struggle more than tracking in the morning
even with this headlamp, everything is blur , for me
again, you make it brighter though a bit with your light
but i think i better to walk behind you , to see how perfect you are with that carrier on your back
i love that

Pos 7 Cikuray , freezing night
first time for you baby , but it such a good damn thing, first time hiking and bring your own carrier
until this high
inside this tend
watch your lips shaking, hands and toes freezing
i am so scared 
every single thing i wear i've given to you , just to make you feel warm
you are sleeping soundly
but here i am, i can't sleep , looking at you not even let a second blinking my eyes
again you feel too cold until you said " cold, really cold, i can't handle this, too cold "
my heart hurts the most to see a guy i love the most being that way
i hug you, i place my body on your toes, give you my sleeping bag so you are wearing both mine and yours
give you my neck warmer, make a cup of hot milk,  hug you tight, and kiss you ...

"you feel warm ? how about singing your favorite song ? i forget the song, so lets sing together baby "
that's all i can say and hug you , you sleep , like a baby 
and i start to cry , a happiness tears

2821 MDPL, Perfect combination
both , things i love , blend into one colour
sunrise and you

red, orange, blue, white, golden, and you hug me , i close my eyes, i start to think i am in the 7th clouds
"now i see what you love to see" you said
and kiss my hair , i close my eyes again , and i smile
"this is for you and for you" you said 
"this is for my dad too" i added

Congratulation for your first summit and sunrise above the clouds baby , you feel it ? how it feels when you stand higher than the cloud ?
and congratulation for me too , who have enjoyed walking behind you , watch your back , and i want it more and more

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