Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heaven-like Tebing Keraton

when sleep is for the weak , when Jakarta to Bandung is like Route 66
those afternoon , when we have no place to go on a crowd big town
escape from all problems

has changed to be ....

we are a lover
against the hazy sky, in the glinting darkness the leaves are tear stained. Then, the wind comes to shake off the drops, and down the drip one by one.
With its perfectly rounded moon, we crawl up its mountain side
but i let you walk in front of me , so i can see you there
guiding me, through the tunneling lights
i've never been this happy before 
once , and now twice 

Tebing Keraton
another face of Bandung , maybe a place that you will never believe that you are still stand on this " Kota Kembang "
really, different taste of Bandung, a city where you can find another teenagers are looking for their worldly pleasures
Guys , you don't have to take a long time to go to this heaven-like place
and you don't have to spend a lot of money to feel how refreshing the air of this place

Catch the Sunrise, one of a thing i love so much 
i was thinking to catch the sunrise with someone i love , oneday 
but that was " i was "
and now , for the second time, enjoying the sunrise with a slice of a misty dawn with the love
to see him , over there, look at the sun, happily 
you won't be able to pawn this feeling with anything

Do you ever hear it baby ? when i close my eyes and softly whisper that you are the sunrise that i want for too long , where have you been ? 
just don't move , and stay
because i love sunrise that bad

do you feel the same? or maybe you have to be me to feel it deeply
you could die because of too much happy
you heart will beat so fast , like a jaguar chasing its prey

Tebing Keraton
becomes a witness 
Sunrise with someone you love is worth to be cried for

I want that smile , i want that laugh 
i want that eyes
forever mine

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