Saturday, November 29, 2014

Explore Banyuwangi : Baluran National Park

" I am working for traveling "

That is what I always say when someone asked me why i should work harder. Since my most favorite hobby is traveling, I have to work harder, sweat-bath , to gain a lot of pennies for it. 

A month working and didn't go anywhere, bored, of course, i want mountain so much, beach too, island include on it. Gain first, and lose later, there is no sin on lose for something we love, traveling, with the one you love :)

Started on a little tea time conversation with Gary "why don't we go to beach?" , and of course my answer was "but i want mountain so much, you've said yes when i asked"
As usual , what i hate the most, Gary's face was changing into an ugly boy, kept silent, and ate his food. Homey, and he straight went to bedroom. 

" Purowosari to Banyuwangi Baru ... Nov 4th, i hope at least there are two tickets for me and Gary." and that was , that thing, Gary's ugly face, always worked well for changing my mind. I was looking for the train ticket on website, Gary didn't know about that. And , i thanked God , there were 2 tickets for us, Sri Tanjung Train, Rp 50,000,- for 12 hours. ( 08.12 -- 08.30 )

_________________________ b a n y u w a n g i _____________________________

we didn't stop at Banyuwangi Baru train station like our Plan A, we stopped at Karangasem Train Station.
and what's exciting on our first night, Road to CISC Banyuwangi picked us up on train station and gave us a warm greeting, to be honest, it was touching.

We went to their basecamp near train station to put our bag. We were dying hungry, lesson learned, slept along the way won't make you forgot about your hungry belly, yap i said that to myself.
We ate "Nasi Tempong" , and tempong means "slap"
I was , and i did , slapped by those nasi tempong, i didn't know how much chili they used for making those spicy nasi tempong, the only thing i knew was "much"

_____________________ b a l u r a n _______________________

woke up in the morning, took a shower, wore clothes, put carriers on, we were ready, BALURAN !
on Nov 6th

It was so far from banjarsari (where we stay) to Baluran. Placed at Kab. Situbondo. Oh yea, for you who make Baluran as your first destination, you have to stop at Banyuwangi baru train station , it will save your way about half, less or more. 
We took motorcycle there , with Handoko and Mastur, and it was a really long road to go.
 If you want to take bus to go there, look for a surabaya-situbondo bus.

after 2 hours , less or more, i hope less, we were there , Baluran National Park Gate.
went to the registration desk, pay the ticket , Rp 5000,- / people
and Rp 5000,- / motorcycle
 we paid them, they gave us the map, and we were ready to explore what Baluran has

and Baluran was supa dupa mega giga cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
couldn't tell you how beautiful it was, you have to see it by your self.

"how come there was a savanna like in Africa, how come? how come there is an ever green part middle of those savanna? how come there is a mangrove forest ? how come there is a beach without wave ? how come there are some population in one place ?"

yap those were what my brain asked to my another part of my brain, while tracking along the Baluran. For real, there is mountain, savanna, ever green, mangrove forest, and beach, in the same time and same place.

not yet, i didn't tell you anything yet, compare to what Baluran has

deers who can run freely, bulls who can  walk easily, hawks who can fly bravely, peacock who can show off their feathers, monkeys who can hang happily
How could i don't cry when i was there ? how could i ?

i said i coldn't say anything right ? so maybe those photos and videos could show you how amazing Baluran is.

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