Monday, December 15, 2014

Lovely Little Things

There's a story behind the bag and the shoes, actually not only for this bag and this shoes.

It started when my dad wanted to sell my car, because we had to pay a hospital bill, yap, my dad got sick, and he had to do some treatments, so we needed a lot of money for that.
Sad ? of course, who wouldn't sad ? but then , i had to think carefully, which one was more important that time
18 years old teenager , had to decide , you know that was a number of age who made us being so selfish,ryt? 

And then i said ," it's okay, you can take me to school, and pick me up when school ends, and you take me to singing course, and go to mall, i love that, i can spend a lot of time with you", you know how hard to say that words without crying, but i didn't , i didn't cry at that time, i kept the tears inside my throat, it was so painful, but at least i was trying

My dad smiled, he must be proud of me hahaha
and i nodded, i said again "please, sell me car when i am in school, deal ?"
My dad smiled, and nodded 

And the day started, the day where my dad would take me everywhere i wanted, i could make him take me to school in the morning and i could make him asked for permission to his office for a while to pick me up. And it was very touching.

And I said while we were on our way home, " I am a proud little daughter dad, and will always be,i am just going to be embarrassed when i don't have nice clothes, cool shoes, and cute stuffs again like what i have before and today, i want it be tomorrow and forever. So promise me you will buy me those things until i have husband, so stay healthy and long-live. Pinky promise?"

Shoes by @dreamhopeshoes

Shirt, was my dad working shirt, Slim Fit by The Executive

Skirt by Cotton Ink

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