Bonjour! She was born with uniquely name, Cancalita Anindyaputri , her parents hope that she will always be a girl who shines like a star. Some people called her Chacha ( bestfriend ) , the other one called her Nindy ( school mates ), Nindya ( family ), or Canca ( stranger ), but actually she really "au fond,ca m'est bien egal", or she really doesn't care with that.She is a half blood Chinese-Sundanese ( Dad ) and Javanese-Netherlander ( Mom )

She is just another daddy's little princess, loves gifts and some cute thingies from her dad. Something that you have to know about her, she really has been infected by her dad for sure, she loves everything which her dad loves, likes everyhting which her dad likes. Because she believes that her daddy had been a teenager , while she has never been old.

She is another interior design student college in the crowd. Pretty nice skill at drawing, she made her own blog's background and twitter theme.
Pretty Good at speaking and writting something in English and French.
Why she can speak French ? Well, on her childhood, she stayed at Quebec , a city in Canada, Montreal exactly, (bcs her daddy had to finish his master) and her parents also almost all of her friends use Frech as the main language. She does miss when there was a winter festival, bcs she could eat snow real-snow with caramel, not just her, but that's just like Quebec's traditional food maybe, mm yap maybe.

For her , she thinks she has a good taste on music. So much in love with The Beatles, so much so much, she has everything about The Beatles, ask her about The Beatles, i'm so sure she can stop telling you about them.  Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Nancy Sinatra ( see... she is soooo oldschool ). Great skill at playing guitar and piano.

Her hobbies ? hmmm she has so many many hobbies, actually she loves everything, but did i say she has been infected by her dad? yap, she loves horse riding, jogging with her dad's dog, shopping, blogging, talking, mumbling, singing, traveling, everythingggg.

Interested with everything smells fashion and art, cute thingies, vintage, oldschool, shoes, bags, cats, dogs, candies.
And her wishes-list she wants to be Interior designer soon, and after that she wants to take Fashion school with her own money, has her own brand with her name on it, and has a really great life ever after more than everyone, "je m'imagine cela" she said, it means she can imagine it.

Well , that's just a little mumbo jumbo about her, you'd be die to know about her if i tell you alot about her.

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